Our Value, Your Success

Whether you’re looking to replace current technology, improve your growth strategy, or explore new distribution channels, BriteCore has the tools and services needed to make you self-sufficient and successful. Here are the top five reasons that keep property-casualty insurance carriers, InsureTech startups, and MGAs raving about BriteCore.


Customer service and client satisfaction is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our staff maintain deep insurance expertise, offering creative process optimizations and translation between developers and providers. We focus on building solid relationships as well as leading technology. These forces combine to solve industry problems, respond to insured demands, and build groundbreaking features at a record pace. 



Organization is the key to success during a software implementation. To ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget, we take a systematically structured approach to software development, implementation, and integration. Focus, discipline, flexibility, and responsiveness are what help us manage projects and see initiatives through to completion. Contact our team today to find out just how easy it is to work with BriteCore.   



Clear, honest, and transparent communication sets the stage for ongoing innovation and collaboration. We give clients full access to information regarding our company, products, services, and development plans. Our uncensored communication channels allow users to track changes, monitor progress, participate in business discussions, offer feedback, and generate ideas for product development and process improvement.



Designed with functionality and usability in mind, BriteCore offers the tools and services needed to both manage the daily operations of an insurance company while enabling strategic data and digital solutions. Software configuration currently supports a wide variety of product lines, business processes, operational outcomes, rules, and rating. Usability is well tested and heavily influenced by user feedback. Our drag and drop interfaces, keyboard shortcuts, seamless integrations, dashboard help tips, and unlimited access to data are contributing to positive user experiences. 



Built using the latest modern technologies such as Docker, AWS, and Python, BriteCore is nimble, responsive, and delightful to use. Our system is one of the few platforms in the industry that’s fully accessible via API, opening up a world of possibilities to insurance carriers, startups and MGAs. We are by far the best technological option for any company seeking a modern core system that's easy to update, deploy, and use.