BriteCore Community

We have built successful partnerships by carefully selecting the clients and vendors with which we do business. We are constantly looking for creative ways to add value to our current and potential client base. We are open to forming new relationships with innovative carriers and vendors who are passionate about insurance, technology, networking, collaboration, and long-term profitability and sustainability.


BriteCore services over 45 companies across the US and Canada. Our community of progressive providers is extremely engaged, viewing other members as trusted partners and friends. Our teams work closely together to develop industry-leading software that’s attractive, efficient, and easy to use. Just ask them!



We maintain very close relationships with a wide range of reinsurers and third party service vendors to ensure that we can solve problems quickly and answer questions effectively. We have built numerous tools to help operate an extremely tight and active user community. This entire community bands together to explore, devise, and implement innovative solutions to both common and complex issues of insurance, technology, or business nature.

SI Partners

BriteCore works with a number of reputable System Implementation Partners in the industry. All partners and engineers must go through a formal training program conducted by senior level staff before they are approved to work in or support BriteCore. We have established partnerships with NestIT, Rented Mule Consulting, Xceedance, Tech Mahindra and OnRamp.


BriteCore is fully hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. We also enjoy a close relationship with AWS through the AWS Partner Network, which provides resources that enable us to better support our clients and grow our customer base.

Industry & Advocacy

BriteCore believes in the power of collaboration and promotion. We partner with industry and advocacy leaders who share our values and passions. We are a proud member of NAMIC and a leading supporter of the PFMM program. We also support many state associations and are especially active within PAMIC, VAMIC, WVAIC, NC Association of Mutual Insurers, and WAMIC. Due to the insider nature of our strategic partnerships, we are frequently able to lobby effectively with state regulators and the NAIC.


Advisement & Consulting

BriteCore also engages with strategic advisory firms like GartnerNovarica, SMA, and Oxbow Partners. These firms help clients navigate changes in insurance and technology through research, consulting, and advisory services. 


BriteCon2018 Sponsors

Many companies offer extended value to BriteCore carriers through generous donations and sponsorships that make it possible for us to host training and networking events for all clients. We offer numerous sponsorship opportunities to companies who are passionate about insurance and technology and who see the tremendous benefits of ongoing innovation and collaboration. In return, we give our sponsors maximum exposure to clients who can benefit from their products or services. Below is a current list of BriteCore sponsors who offer extended services to our community. If your company is interested in becoming one of our exclusive sponsors, please contact Ina Grozeva at