What Makes BriteCore Different?

In a lot of ways, we're the same as other solution providers you know. We are a technology company; we offer core, data, and digital solutions; and we work in the insurance space. However, there are several key characteristics that make BriteCore different. Below are a few of the competitive advantages that help us stand out among other providers.

Customer Success

Customer success is our primary focus. We understand our customer's needs, and we translate these needs into quality products and services. We bring creativity, transparency, and maturity to each new client relationship which has produced a 100% implementation success and customer retention rate over the past 5 years.

Modern Technology

BriteCore is a modern, scalable Python web application with fully automated deployment through Amazon Web Services. It is not a legacy system adapted to the cloud; it is a modern web platform designed for the cloud. Our community leverages the best modern technology to delight consumers and industry partners.

Platform Architecture

Modern insurers are innovating distribution, underwriting, and data models at a rapid pace. At the core of these innovations is the need to access backend services as a platform through an accessible API. BriteCore offers core, data, and digital services that are fully surrounded by an API allowing customers to extend functionality and connect remote resources easily.

Software as a Service

BriteCore offers true monthly-subscription SaaS with managed daily upgrades and support. BriteCore access is provided as a web service, funded by a monthly subscription fee, hosting fee, and optional services retainer. This replaces large capital expenditures with smooth monthly operating expense which reduces the barrier to entry for large and small insurers alike.

Community Source Development

Client and vendor contributory development is offered through test-first code contribution. Source code contribution is open to both customers and partners, providing the opportunity for all community members to advance the base platform. Approved parties can fork the repository and submit Pull Requests to our engineering team for inclusion into the platform. Source code contribution reduces barriers by allowing clients and partners to manage their own initiatives and timelines.

Ongoing Innovation

We are committed to ongoing innovation. Our products department is solely responsible for continual platform replacement with many modules in their third full generation. The upgrade path is fully managed at no additional cost to customers making BriteCore the last system our clients will ever need to purchase.