Business Intelligence is a key asset to insurance providers because it can be used as leverage during business development, decision making, and implementation processes. BriteCore comes with a comprehensive data suite that can be used to drive business value and support better decision-making through unlimited access to data.

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BriteCore's business intelligence dashboards give agents, underwriters, and department managers overviews of the reports and metrics they care about most. Data visualization elements make it easy for users to digest the information reported, so users can collaborate and make timely decisions related to health and productivity. 

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Data Warehousing

Designed for easy retrieval of information, insurers with internal IT expertise can mine BriteCore's comprehensive dataset for risk analysis, advanced processing, business performance management, benchmarking, and predictive modeling. Each client receives their own DW infrastructure that’s kept separate from their operational site, and BriteCore fully monitors and maintains the environment. 

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Standard REporting

BriteCore offers a solid base of over 50 standard NAIC reports for managerial analysis and statutory accounting compliance. We consult regularly with Booke to validate the design and quality of our standard reports, and run automated system audits on a nightly basis to maintain correct, repeatable balances. Our standard reports come in a variety of formats including print ready PDFs, excel templates and spreadsheets, csv files, and flat text files. 

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Custom REporting

BriteCore's reporting module provides operational insight needed to finely-tune your business and stand out from competition. Whether it's for compliance or analysis, users have access to a wide array of information on their company with access to unlimited user data. BriteCore’s self-service web reporting tools can be accessed by business users with no IT support required, and advanced tools are available to internal IT and BI staff.



BriteCore clients are audited by insurance departments across the United States. Our data quality standards must be exacting to guarantee accurate balances and  stable prior period records. BriteCore utilizes an automated nightly self-audit that verifies balancing equations across all policies and claims in the system. If anomalies are found, they are automatically referred to our expert data team for review and repair.