We are excited about insurance technology and focus heavily on usability, web standards, cloud computing, continuous integration, and open-source software development. We love what we do and hope you do too.
— Phil Reynolds, Co-Founder & CEO


BriteCore began in 2009 when a group of six mutuals partnered together to build the world's most advanced property casualty administration system for insurance providers. We focused on three key objectives throughout the development process: customer-centric development, long-term partnership, and ongoing technical innovation. Since the initial launch in 2010, BriteCore has rapidly evolved into a fully managed product suite that supports a diverse group of insurance carriers, startups, and MGAs.



Ongoing innovation truly sets BriteCore apart from competitors. Our core values, along with our product, pricing, and development model are all centered around and designed for continuous enhancement. We are the only software provider allowing customers to enhance the base system through code contribution. We make it easy for providers to directly establish their own development priorities and optimize the product roadmap.

Our services staff maintain deep insurance expertise, offering creative process optimizations and translation between developers and carriers. Developers continually implement new technology, solving carrier problems with the latest tools and processes. These forces combine to produce groundbreaking features at a record pace. As our group grows, we build better tools faster. 

View our intro story below to find out how we got started in insurance and technology.


What We Value

Below are the core values that govern executive decisions at BriteCore. The owners of our company make evaluations based on a set of foundational beliefs that are passed down to our entire team. Below are the values we are holding in the highest regard as we continue to grow and strengthen BriteCore.



BriteCore values productive team members. Our success hinges on our ability to consistently deliver outstanding value to customers. Value is transmitted through the products we produce and the service we provide.



BriteCore values quality over quantity. We seek to impress our audience with every physical and virtual engagement. High quality elevates our brand and retention while driving down defects and support.



BriteCore values trust among team members. Efficient teams assume the best in others and focus on their own goals instead of dwelling on suspicion toward others. Without trust, teams lose a great deal of productivity. 



BriteCore values honest and direct communication. The path forward is illuminated by honest information. We depend on every member of our team to be forthcoming with both positive and negative messages.



BriteCore values ongoing education. Professional and personal challenges provide opportunities to learn new concepts, overcome barriers, and develop innovative strategies that transform yourself and the world.


BriteCore values transparency within our organization. Transparent data promotes collaboration across all levels of our company. Trust and honesty are both strengthened by a transparent decision making process.



BriteCore values thoughtful leadership. Leadership is not a job title, it is an attitude and a skill set that enable others to accomplish goals. Many of the most effective leaders are co-workers who offer helpful guidance and encouragement.



BriteCore values open-minded thinkers. Intellectual flexibility drives a learning organization that thrives in changing environments. Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.



We are all engineers at BriteCore. Engineering is not a profession; it is a mindset centered around creative problem solving. Regardless of your job title, you can investigate root causes and propose creative solutions.